Monday, December 14, 2009

Declaration of Principles

Welcome to kentropy's opening salvo, if it can be called that. With his blog, I hope to join the ongoing discussions occurring across the web on innumerable subjects. With a lot of self-restraint, I may be able to limit my posts to the areas that interest me most, namely: finance and the economy, media and journalism, politics (in doses I and my readers can stomach), and culture more generally. To be honest, "culture" is my not-so-secret trapdoor for talking about anything I damn well please. But I'll post with you, my dear reader, in mind. In fact, I'll codify that.

Declaration of Principles

1. kentropy will enter the sphere of public discussion with readers and virtual compatriots in mind. Dialogue -- not ego or self-aggrandizement -- is the goal.

2. We look to raise both questions and eyebrows. Ideas will be taken seriously and subjected to the purifying waters of skepticism and irreverence.

3. Righteous indignation will not only be tolerated, but welcomed. Vitriol has its uses.

4. We reserve the right -- nay, have the obligation -- to reconsider our thinking and admit mistakes.

Let's see where this takes us.

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